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To maximize the utility value of your products, training classes are available from respected AVAZZIA practitioners. Training classes are provided for a fee by the sponsoring organizations. Inquire about discounts for Avazzia device owners.

Seminar schedules listed under each sponsoring organization are for your information only and are not all inclusive. While AVAZZIA may assist with planning and coordination of non-AVAZZIA seminars, the sponsoring organizations are ultimately responsible for their contents and collection of associated fees.

Workshop and Training descriptions are found under Avazzia Workshops Tab.


Workshop and Training Events





updated Training Schedule Select TRAINING Updated Training Schedule new Avazzia Website
April 18-20 Holistic Dental Association
Jerry Tennant, MD, speaker
Herndon, VA
April 26 (7-8:30pm) Dallas, TX
April 27, 28 (9-5pm) Dallas, TX
May 1-4 81st International Conference on Light and Vision
College of Syntonic Optometry
St. Pete's Beach, Florida
May 2 (7-10pm) Free Public Lecture
May 25-26 Seminar - Using Avazzia products Level 2 Stuart, Florida tel.
June 19-23 I-ACT Convention Orlando, Florida
June 20 (7-10pm) Free Public Lecture
June 26-30 FSMTA Convention Orlando, Florida
July 18,19, 20 Dr. Tennant's Master Class
August 22 (7-10pm) Free Public Lecture
October 11-12 ICIM Conference: Treating the Impossible II Columbus, OH ICIM-Columbus
October 11-13 International Academy of Biological Dentistry
Jerry Tennant, MD, speaker
Houston, TX

Why is Training Important?

Is Training Free?

Avazzia offers instructional information with each device at no charge. The owner's manuals also include warnings, contraindications, precautions, diagrams of features, description of modes, cleaning and care, compatible accessories, and warranty information.

However, instruction on medical application methods and protocols are beyond Avazzia knowledge and expertise as a developer and manufacturer of the technology and devices. Presentation of applications used by professionals in their practice is optional, and offer just a few examples of topics presented by practitioners who teach and offer training to other professionals. Effectiveness is dependent on appropriate application. See your doctor or practitioner for more information about your condition.

In summary, Avazzia device instructional information is Free of charge. Professional presentations and training by non-Avazzia Healthcare Professionals costs are determined by the professional presenting the material.





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